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Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yep! If we can't improve the ranking of your Google My Business profile within 90-days you can cancel and get a refund. While most customers start to see results in the first month, in competitive markets it can take some time. So we ask that you give us the full 90-days to be eligible for a refund and notify us within 14-days of receiving your 3rd monthly report so we can handover your account before your next payment.
Can't I just manage my Google My Business profile myself?
Yes you can and you probably already are to some extent. But are you utilising all the functionality in your Google My Business profile? When was the last time you made a post, replied to a review, updated your Q&A section or did anything other than update your trading hours for a public holiday? It's been a while right? Don't worry you're not alone.

That's why business owners choose Upper Local to manage their Google My Business profile! Stop missing out on all the clicks, calls and customers your competitors are stealing from you, sign up now.
Will I get more leads?
You most certainly will! Our Google My Business Growth Plans are perfectly optimised to increase your clicks, calls and customers.
I paid a lot for my website to be SEO friendly, do I really need to optimise my Google My Business profile?
Google is the online front door to your business, it's the first thing customers see when they search for your service. If your Google My Business profile isn't 100% complete and optimised to appear when a customer searches for your services, well... You miss out! 😨

Leaving customers to click on your competitors' websites, dial their phone numbers and give them their business.

With Upper Local, our done-for-you Google My Business Management Service handles all the day to day tasks, keyword research, competitor analysis and gives your GMB profile the attention it needs to get to the top of Google and start sending you new customers.
Which countries is this service available for?
We're a 100% Australian owned business based in Sydney and work exclusively with Australian businesses! 🇦🇺
What is included in the monthly report?
Every month we send you a simple to understand report outlining the metrics that matter:
  • Keyword search results position
  • Phone calls
  • Clicks & website visits
  • Direction requests
  • Views on maps and search
  • Reviews
  • Photo views
  • Post views
I've signed up, what's next?
Once you've signed up, we will get to work developing your custom Google My Business growth plan and get in touch to set up a short 30 minute call to go through our findings. During this call we will outline anything we need from you, like manager access to your Google My Business account and any logos/images you have on hand.
Will this help me to rank better on Google?
You bet, you can usually expect to see results within the first 30 days! While our primary focus is on getting you more clicks, calls and customers, much of the work we do will also increase your position on Google Maps and Google Search.
Is there a setup fee?
Nope! We're so confident you'll love working with us, not only is there no setup fee, but we also offer a 90-day money back guarantee.
Can I cancel anytime?
You sure can! While we love helping businesses to grow, we understand that sometimes circumstances change, we just ask for 30 days notice to cancel.
If I cancel, will I lose all the work you've done?
No, we don’t undo all our work if you decide to cancel. We'll also never lock you out of your accounts. However, some of the work we do may require us to subscribe to paid services on your behalf, which we do not continue to pay if you decide to cancel.

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